Case 1

The Client

Our client came to us wanting to purchase an investment property.

  • Loan Type – Purchase
  • Program – Conventional Investment
  • Sales Price – $235,000
  • Required Down Payment – 20% ($47,000)
  • Monthly Payment – $1,267
  • Estimated Rent – $1,700
  • Cashflow – $433

Client Requirement

The client wants to buy an income-producing investment property to start building a property portfolio. The mortgage payment needed to be low enough so that each month’s cashflow would cover the mortgage and still leave some profit. That way, funds can be saved for repairs/maintenance, property management fees, and to account for possible, future vacancies. The client was comfortable putting down the required 20% on an investment property.


Loan Challenges

The main obstacle that popped up was the home inspection. The inspector found several issues that he recommended getting repaired. These concerns needed to be addresses so the loan could pass underwriting requirements prior to closing.

The Challenges

  • Updates and repairs needed after the home inspection was complete.
  • We need to find a solution for our client to get the home inspection concerns addressed before they could close on the loan.
  • Find a program and rate that allowed the client to pay the mortgage and make a profit each month.

Our Solution

Our team and the buyer’s agent decided on a smart strategy; negotiate with the seller’s agent to make sure all repairs that the underwriter needed were completed prior to closing. In addition we were able to help get the client additional seller contributions towards his closing costs. Those additional contributions were used for the remaining repairs that were not required to close.


The Results

By putting down 20%, we were able to find the client a great program with a low rate. This made the investment deal make sense for the client. Even with the concerns regarding the inspection, our team was able to come up with a solution that everyone was happy with and the deal closed in just 19 days!

  • Client was able to purchase a positive, cash flowing investment property to add to their existing portfolio.
  • The low rate we secured allowed the deal to make sense.
  • The loan closed in 19 days from contract date.